Software-like Compilation for Data Center FPGA Accelerators


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Compilation times for large Xilinx devices, such as the Amazon F1 instance, are on the order of several hours. However, today’s data center designs often have many identical processing units (PUs), meaning that conventional design flows waste time placing and routing the same problem many times. Furthermore, the connectivity infrastructure of a design tends to be finalized before the PUs, resulting in unnecessary recompilation of a large fraction of the design.

We present an open source flow where the connectivity infrastructure logic is implemented ahead of time and routed to many interface blocks that border available slots for PUs. As architects iterate on their PU designs, they only need to perform a single set of parallel, independent compile runs to implement and route the PU alongside each distinct interface block. Our RapidWright-based system stitches the implemented PU into the available slots in the connectivity logic, requiring no additional routing to finalize the design. Our system is able to generate working designs for Amazon F1, and reduces compilation time over the standard monolithic compilation flow by an order of magnitude for designs with up to 180 PUs. Our experiments also show that there is future potential for an additional 4X runtime improvement when relying on emerging open source place and route tools.

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